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Recipes for Hard Times

Depression-era bread and soup line.

Food prices rising. Banks closing. Unemployment going up. Everyone feels the crunch.

Hard times.

For working people around the world, these times require changes to our everyday lives. We tighten our belts, cut back on what we spend, try to live the best lives we can under difficult economic circumstances.

And we change the way we eat.

Working families have been through economic downturns before, and know what to do. We eat out less, and cook more at home. We try to prepare healthy meals for our families at low cost. We turn sometimes to traditional recipes that our parents and grandparents would have used when times were tough. And sometimes we innovate and find new ways to cook meals that won't break our budgets.

We want to know what you and your family will be cooking as times get tough -- what your "recipes for hard times" would be.

We're the IUF -- the global union representing 12 million workers in 120 countries. Our members -- who belong to 336 trade unions -- are farmers, food manufacturers, and employees of the hotel, restaurant and catering sector.

We're uniquely placed, therefore, to run an international competition to select the very best "recipes for hard times". And we're inviting you to submit your family's favorite recipe.

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